Best Permaculture Perennial Vegetable & Fruit Tree Nursery that Ships to You


John from visits an amazing permaculture plant nursery that will ship to you all the perennial vegetables, fruit trees and supporting permaculture plants so you can have your own edible landscape at home.

In this episode, you will learn more about the Green Dream Florida Plant Nursery located outside Tampa, FL that offers a wide selection of all the plants you will need to grow your own permaculture food forest.

You will learn how you can order these plants from home and get them shipped to you, or pickup your order at the nursery if you preorder at least $200 of plants (now changed to only $100)

You will discover why pete started this nursery and how all his plants are raised using organic growing methods.

You will learn about some of the most valuable perennial vegetables that will grow year round provided you grow in the right climate zone.

You will discover an edible hibiscus that looks like a plant that is still illegal in most of the country that tastes like sorrel.

Finally, John will interview Pete Kanaris and ask him many questions about his permaculture nursery and why he started it. You will also learn why the plants cost more if he ships it to you than if you pick it up in person, and much, much more.

After watching this episode you will learn more about an amazing perennial plant nursery in zone 9b near Tampa Florida that you can purchase plants that can be shipped to you so you can grow some of these valuable perennial vegetables and unique fruit trees from around the world.

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