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John from visits Arizona Worm farm to show you how they divert food waste going to the landfill to make the best worm castings in Arizona.
In this episode, you will learn how the best worm castings are made on an industrial scale if you want to start a worm farm, or if you want to use some of the ideas to make your own worm castings at home.

You will also discover how you can purchase Arizona Worm farm’s red wiggler worms, castings, and raised bed soil mix. You will learn all aspects of their process from the input materials to making Arizona’s finest worm castings.

You will discover why the owner started a worm farm and how you can be more sustainable on the planet by growing your own food.

Finally, John will interview Zach Brooks, Worm Farmer to learn more about AZ Worm Farm
33:28 Interview Starts
34:16 Why start a worm farm in Arizona?
36:02 Why do you divert garbage from the landfill?
38:46 What is the best way to keep worms at home?
40:24 What makes your compost better than big box bagged compost?
42:02 What makes your worm castings better than others?
45:56 Why are your worms better than other worm farms?
47:28 Is it true there is such a thing as heat-tolerant worms?
48:40 How do you help your worms stay cool in Arizona?
52:48 How can you lead a zero-waste lifestyle?
54:32 Why don’t you ship your worms and castings?
56:14 How do you share your information so people can start their own worm farm?
57:50 Any final words of wisdom you would like to share?

After watching this episode, you will learn how the best worm castings are made in Arizona, and how vermicomposting can be used to divert food waste going to the landfill and how to grow your own food more sustainably.

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