Curbless Shower Pan with Linear Drain (Part 2) – KERDI-BOARD Installation


Learn how to install KERDI-BOARD for a curbless shower pan with linear drain in this video. We show how to add KERDI-BOARD to all three shower walls and build a custom full length shower niche.

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The first step was to install KERDI-BOARD on the main curbless shower wall. Also, we built a custom full length shower niche from KERDI-BOARD. That said, only do this kind of niche if the shower wall is not load bearing.

KERDI-BOARD requires Schluter screws and washers every 12″ along the center of the studs. In addition, studs should be 16″ on-center, even, and plumb. This principle is the same for all backer boards.

Watch our video for more tips.

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