Delta Multichoice Valve Installation Tips (Copper Pipes) — by Home Repair Tutor


This video shares tips for installing Delta’s Multichoice valve using copper pipes. The Multichoice is one of our favorite shower valves because it’s affordable and easy to install.

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Supplies in this video

Delta Multichoice R10000 UNWS —
Ridgid No. 15 Pipe Cutter —
Autocut Pipe Cutter (1/2″) —
Emery Cloth —
Copper Brush —
90 Degree Elbows —
Stub Out for Tub Spout —
Drop Elbow (1/2″) —
Oatey Solder & Flux Kit —
Teflon Tape —
SharkBite End Stop —
Brass Cap (1/2″) —
Measuring Tape —
MAP Gas —
Bernzomatic TS4000 —

Delta’s Multichoice valve can be used for either a bathtub or shower. Make sure studs are 16″ on-center, even with each other, and plumb.

Delta’s Multichoice depth inside the wall is important and should be 2-3/4″ (+1/4″ or -1/4″) from the back wall to the front of the plaster guard. If walls are made from 2x4s simply add a 2×10 inside the wall and mount the Multichoice then check the depth.

The valve should be centered on the tub drain or shower drain. Delta recommends the bottom copper pipe be 8″ to 18″ for bathtubs. Also, only use copper pipe for this section of pipe and secure it to blocking inside the wall with a copper strap/galvanized screws.

Watch our video for more details

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