Distilled, Filtered or Tap Water for Plant Watering? + More Organic Gardening Q&A


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions including What is the best water to water your garden? What can you grow in Texas? Why rock dust does not work? What is the best feed to feed worms? How do I deal with Rats in my garden if I can’t have cats? and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
01:28 Distilled, Tap, or Filtered Water for plant watering?
03:28 What are the right things to plant in zone 12?
05:39 Do you use activated biochar in your beds? Does it have benefits?
06:37 Besides Microgreens, what other edibles can I grow inside?
07:57 What are some good vegetables to grow in Texas?
09:15 How I deal with rats in my garden without cats?
13:07 What are some tips for starting a YouTube Gardening Channel?
15:35 What suggestions do you have for people who leave their garden for a couple of weeks at a time?
17:30 What are the best ways to propagate Okinawan spinach?
18:38 Will adding silica to garden beds help or harm microbes?
20:19 If you could only grow in grow tents, what would you grow to save money and for the most nutrition?
22:16 Do you know where to get the Gaia Green products in the USA?
23:54 Where do you purchase your seeds from? Do You grow the plants from seed yourself?
27:02 Do you have any tips for someone new to gardening in Las Vegas?
30:10 Is it safe to eat microgreens? I do eat chicken and beef for protein.
34:12 What is the recommended worm feed to make the best worm castings?
35:25 What are your thoughts on why rock dust does not work? Should it be added to the compost pile instead of adding to the soil?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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