Do the 5 M’s to Have the Best Summer Organic Vegetable Garden Ever


John from shares the 5 m’s that every organic gardener should do to have the best summer organic vegetable garden this year.
In this episode, you will learn the 4+1 essential m’s of gardening, which was coined by Jessica Smith of Grow food nation.
First You will learn why John is sharing the 5 m’s of gardening right before you are planting out your summer garden for this year.

Next, You will learn the 5’m that are essential to growing the largest, and healthiest vegetables on the planet:

Mineralize- with trace minerals – rock dust & ocean solids
Microbialize – Add diversity of bacteria, Fungi & archaea via different methods
Mulch – Cover your soil to protect your microbes non-living and living
Moisturize- Properly hydrate your plants using the best water
Multifarious – Grow diversity, add a diversity of compost, microbes and minerals for the best success.

After watching this episode, you will learn the essential 5 m’s of organic gardening that you never heard before that will take your vegetable garden to the next level this year.

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