Farm Grows Most Medicinal Foods that Helped Heal Farmer from Cancer


John from visits the Gratitude Garden Farms in Loxahatchee, Florida who grows the most medicinal crops that helped heal the farmer from stage 4 cancer. PLEASE NOTE: This episode was previously filmed Before COVID-19.

In this episode, you will learn some of the most medicinal foods that this farm grows and you can grow at home. You will discover how they use proper soil amendments to build up the mineral content and microbiome of the soil to grow these nutrient-dense crops.

You will learn about the different types of crops, such as eggplant, fruit trees, leafy greens, turmeric, ginger, and mushrooms are grown on the farm.

You will learn about 5 different types of turmeric and how their taste and their medicinal value. You will learn which ones are easier to grow in a short season, and which ones will yield the most. You will discover why they are grown in containers.

You will learn about the lesser-known galangal ginger and how you can grow this amazing health-giving plant.

Next, John will taste test each type of Tumeric and share with you his opinions about the flavor and value of the turmeric.

You will discover how microgreens and seedlings can be grown in a shipping container or even at your home on a shelf so you can eat some of the most nutritious and vibrant baby plants on the planet.

Next, you will learn about growing medicinal mushrooms. You will discover how they are growing mushrooms in the middle of humid South Florida by growing them in climate control shipping containers. You will learn about the different varieties of mushrooms they grow and why they grow the lion’s mane mushroom in a special shipping container.

You will then discover how they sell some of the products they produce on the farm and will ship some of them to you. You will learn about the value-added products that they make using their farm-grown medicinal foods to make extracts, tinctures, juices, and even golden milk (That is delicious) and can ship some of these items to you. You will learn how you can easily grow your own mushrooms by purchasing a pre-impregnated mushroom “log” that will let you easily grow up to 2 pounds of lion’s mane mushrooms.

Finally, John will interview the Farmer, Joseph about why he started the farm, how he healed himself from Stage 4 Cancer, why he grows the crops he does, and the tips he would have for other farmers and gardeners out there, and much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn how the food you eat, plays a role in your health, you will discover some of the foods that have the highest medicinal value and how you can grow them using various methods. You will also discover some of the practices it takes to grow the most nutritious food and how these foods can be processed into products that can help improve the lives of others.

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