How to Grow Microgreens in a Shipping Container Farm


John from takes you on a field trip to Cardo’s Sprout Farm outside Dallas, Texas to show you how one man is growing microgreens inside a shipping container!

In this episode, you will learn about a 9-acre diversified farm that is growing many fruit trees, vegetables and even more microgreens that are sold at local farmers markets in the DFW area in Texas.

First, you will get a short tour of the property to learn how fruits and vegetables are being grown, as well as some of the farming techniques that are being used.

Next, you will get an in-depth look of how this farmer converted a shipping container with home depot supplies that enables him to grow microgreens in a climate controlled insulated area year round!

You will discover what Food Safe NSF trays are being used to grow microgreens, how they are watered, the source of the seeds, the LED lighting that is being used, and much, much more.

You will discover how broccoli microgreens are growing without any soil medium on kraft paper!

You will learn all the basics of growing microgreens in a shipping container and taking them to market to have your own small farming business.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:41 Vegetables Growing in between Fruit Trees
04:11 Blackberry Growing Area
05:44 Best Fruit Tree to Grow
07:04 Digging Ponds to Catch Water and Create Berms
08:10 Inside Greenhouse – starting seedlings
10:53 Shipping Container Growing Microgreens
12:10 Opening Shipping Container
12:20 Growing Microgreens better than Lettuce in a shipping container
13:11 Modifications to the Shipping Container
14:00 Not a lot of Fans
15:12 Microgreens Grow 7-14 days
16:50 Using NSF Cafeteria Trays to bottom water Microgreens
18:42 Non-densely seeded flats – has better airflow
20:13 Growing Brocolli Sprouts in 10×20 trays
21:15 Using Kraft Paper as Pad to Grow Brocolli Microgreens
23:!5 Modifications to Shipping Container to Grow microgreens
24:00 1″ PVC has an insert of EMT Metal Conduit to make it stronger
26:30 Using well water to water the microgreens
27:00 4 different kinds of LED lights. Which is best?
28:00 No special grow lights. Just full spectrum LED
29:00 Using a blag flag non-chemical zapper to kill bugs
29:58 Sometimes plants do not grow as fast
31:40 Grow certain varieties of microgreens that work for your method
33:15 Adding ocean minerals to water to increase nutrition
33:55 Insulated Box Truck with seed storage
34:40 Source of lesser-known Microgreen Seeds
35:38 Walk in Cooler in the back of an insulated box truck
36:00 Don’t seal the bags when selling microgreens

After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow microgreens and make it really simple. You will discover how microgreens can be grown in a shipping container, and you can start your own farm anywhere!

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