How to Organize Important Documents at Home (Part 6 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)


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Hello! I’m Alejandra Costello, professional organizing expert from! In this video I show you how to organize important documents at home or in your office so you can quickly and easily find your most vital records/paperwork in an emergency situation!


Products Shown (NOTE: links are affiliate links):

***Legal-sized accordion organizer:

***Letter-sized accordion organizer:

***Fire/water resistant bag:


Categories Mentioned Include:

1) Birth / Death – Includes adoption paperwork (child / pet)
2) Social Security Cards
3) Passport / ID – Includes citizenship / immigration paperwork
4) Marriage – Includes divorce decrees, pre-nuptial agreements, custody agreements
5) Automobile Titles – Includes motorcycle, RV, boat, and any other automobile titles
6) House Deed – Includes title insurance
7) Trust
8) Will – Includes living will, estate planning, power of attorney
9) Financial – Includes loan paid-off statements, CDs, saving bonds, foreign currency, list of safety deposit box contents
10) Appraisals – Includes jewelry, artwork, antiques
11) Government – Includes security clearance, military, audits, police records
12) Business – Includes trademarks, patents, agreements

*One category I didn’t include was legal. You could include legal if you have a lot of legal paperwork outside the above categories (e.g., final settlement paperwork, etc.).


This is part 6 of a 10 part paper clutter series on getting organized at home. You can watch the entire video series here:

Thanks for watching and happy organizing 🙂