How to Replace a Dryer Vent (FAST!!!)


This video shares how to replace a dryer vent and reattach the ductwork to a dryer. Learn more about Great Stuff at

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How to replace a dryer vent
0:28 How to remove old dryer vent
0:58 How to clean dryer vent ductwork
2:39 How to dry-fit new dryer vent
4:00 How to drill holes in brick and mortar
6:48 Great Stuff Pestblock
8:17 How to install dryer vent
9:08 Dryer vent hose installation

These supplies were used in our video:
-Great Stuff –
-Dryer Duct Cleaning Brush
-Hammer Drill
-Utility Knife
-Imperial Wall Vent
-Tapcon Screws
-5/16 Hex Drive

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