Level Up Your Gardening: Grow Cannabis & Vegetables in Living Soil


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Teal Farm & Garden to show you how one guy is growing cannabis in living soil with his vegetables.

In this episode, you will learn how Seth is growing Cannabis alongside his fruits and vegetables in oversize raised beds to grow high-quality herbs and food in his backyard garden.

You will learn more about how interplanting cannabis plants with your vegetables can help deter pests and minimize crop loss.

You will learn how Seth starts seeds and grows his mother plants. You will learn how some of the best compost is made using earthworms, and how to protect your soil with grass clipping so you can have some of the best living soil.

You will also discover what living soil amendments Seth uses to supercharge his plant growth and how he makes compost tea using sun power. You will learn how he easily distributes his compost tea into his garden when watering.

Finally, John will interview Seth to learn more about growing cannabis and vegetables together in living soil.

After watching this episode, you will learn the way John would grow his cannabis plants: alongside his vegetables for the easiest time growing cannabis to benefit the soil as well as the plants and the people.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episodes Starts
01:00 How I would grow Cannabis
01:39 The Way to Have Living Soil
02:59 Mulching with Grass Clippings
03:28 Growing Berries & Cannabis Together
04:46 How to Start Cannabis & Veggies
05:36 Grow Room in a Box – Growing Mothers
06:54 Freakshow Cannabis Leaves
07:00 Using Trim leaves for Mulch
08:42 Harden off Your Plants for Success
09:40 Using a Pipe Cleaner as a Stake
10:14 Extend Your Raised Bed to Have More Soil
11:25 Lots of Worms, a sign of an amazing garden
13:06 Where Living Soil Starts
13:36 Amazon Composter
15:52 Making Boogie Brew Compost Tea
17:20 Distribute Your Compost Tea when watering your garden
17:40 Use a Water Filter for Living Soil
18:53 Living Soil Amendments
21:55 One soil Amendment you must use
24:30 Best Bagged Soil You Can Buy
25:50 Feed Your Worms a Worm Supplement
27:12 Super Seth from Teal Farms
27:35 How long ago did you start gardening?
28:31 How long ago did you start growing cannabis?
29:50 Why is Living Soil Better than Growing Organic?
31:12 What are Terpenes and why are they important?
33:22 Why do you grow cannabis with vegetables?
36:01 What are the secrets to create a living soil?
37:39 What is your soil recipe? What do you use for aeration?
39:00 How often do you feed compost tea?
40:32 How do you water your garden?
42:16 What gardeners do you follow?
44:20 How can people learn more about your farm

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