Make $8000+ A Month Growing Microgreens in a Spare Bedroom at Home


John from visits Living Well Microgreens that runs a microgreens farm out of a rented apartment in the spare bedroom and is on track to make $100,000 a year by growing vegetables inside a 2 bedroom apartment.

In this episode, you will discover how you can start a microgreens farm and make $8000+ a month by using a spare bedroom to grow microgreens and selling them to your local community.

You will discover how to set up your spare bedroom to protect it from damage so you get your full rental deposit back when you move out. You will learn where to buy and more about the special shelves, trays, lights, soilless growing medium, and seeds. You will even learn how to sell your microgreens so you can create a recurring income by growing food in a bedroom!

You will learn from start to finish to finish how to grow microgreens including using the soil-less growing medium, using the right amount of seeds and how to properly water your seeds and put them in a cool, dark place so they germinate properly. You will then discover how fast they can germinate and how fast you can grow your first crop.

You will discover how much it costs to grow a tray as well as how much profit you can make by selling a full tray of microgreens. You will learn that this business can be quite profitable.

You will learn how to bottom water your microgreens so you don’t get rot or dampening off. You will learn how you can use a bathroom faucet to water your microgreens using a garden hose with an adapter.

You will discover how to harvest the microgreens and the containers they are sold in.

Finally, John will interview Aston Wayne who started his bedroom microgreens farm and is on track to make $100k a year

You will learn from Ashton why he started a microgreens farm, why he gave up a lucrative career in real estate to grow microgreens, how he lost weight by growing microgreens and eating healthier, how he finds customers to sell the microgreens, How to create a recurring income by growing and selling microgreens on a subscription basis.

You will discover how you can learn from Ashton and his growing experience with a new podcast and book he is writing.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow microgreens in your spare bedroom and make $8000+ a year from start to finish.

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