Make Money at Home By Starting a Perennial Edible Plant Nursery in Your Backyard


John from goes on a field trip to Healthy Harvesters in Huntington Beach, a certified backyard nursery that sells edible perennial plants including vegetables and fruits from their home-based business.

In this episode, you will learn how a part-time gardener turned his hobby into a part-time home-based business by propagating and selling perennial vegetables that are made from cuttings from the mother plant.

You will discover many of the easiest perennial vegetables you can easily grow in Southern California and similar climates.

First, John will take you on a tour of the backyard sharing with you how this low maintenance garden grows without much time commitment.

You will learn how you can easily take cuttings from your plants and turn them into new plants that can be sold for cash.

You will discover how by using some home depot sand, water and concrete mixing tub you can start cloning your plants at home/

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
04:00 Edible Backyard Garden with Little Time
05:50 Grow Perennial Vegetables instead of Annuals to Save Time
07:38 There is always space to grow food in your backyard
08:15 Grow the most valuable Crops to You
10:47 One Amazing Perennial Vegetable You should grow
11:34 Longevity Spinach: Gynura Procumbens
12:45 Printing Your OWn Money
14:50 My Favorite Perennial Vegetable: Purple Tree Collards
17:00 One No-Brainer Crop You Should Grow in Southern California
17:35 Perennial Vegetable: Gynura Bicolor / Okinawan Spinach
20:28 French Sorrel – Perennial Vegetable for Around the country
21:35 Mint –
22:32 Pigeon Pea – Increase Soil Fertility & Refried Beans
25:04 Cape Gooseberry / Goldenberry / Poha Berry – Perennial “Tomato”
26:50 Gardening teaches patience
30:09 Malabar Spinach – Warm Season Crop / Self Seeding / Propagate by Cuttings
32:00 Germinating Malabar Spinach
33:28 Moringa Perennial Leafy Green Tree
35:00 Sissoo Spinach / Brazil Spinach
36:20 Tree Collard from Seed / More True to seed
38:29 Grow Fruit Trees in Pots / Kumquat Tree
39:30 Growing Passion Fruit Vine up the Fence
40:23 Katuk – Not Looking So Good
41:22 Growing in a 1/2 Plastic Barrel
42:10 Growing Using Organic Practices
42:35 Getting Free Seaweed to Enrich Your Garden
44:30 Backyard Greenhouse Nursery
45:30 How to Propagate Cuttings in Sand from Home Depot
47:30 Tip to Rooting Plants in Sand
50:00 Other Edible Plants that may be available
51:00 Summary and What Plants Taking Home to Grow

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can easily turn your gardening hobby into a business and create an extra income. You will also discover some of the best vegetables to grow in zone 10b

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