Man Tells Wife Garden & Tiki Bar Packages Came from The Amazon Fairies


Kiwi Kate’s wondering where all these garden & tiki bar packages at the front door came from: “The Amazon Fairies”, I say.

Links 👇🏼
4×8 Lauhala Matting:
2”x8’ Bamboo half round:
LED Outdoor lights:
HOSS Drip “Fertigator”:
Wood Adirondack Chair:
Wood Side Table:
Bamboo Bench:
Set of 4 Barstools:
2 Person Hammock:
Hammock Stand:
Reed Fencing 6’6” x 13’:
3/4″ Rope x 50’:

Tiki Bar:
Chico the Chimpanzee:
Four Bottle Liquor Dispenser:
Cocktails Neon Sign:
Parrot Bay Round Sign:
Captain Morgan Rail Mat:
Drinking Parrot Bottle Holder:
Tiki Bar Surf Board:
Palm Tree Bottle Opener:
Moai/Easter Island tiki planter (better color than mine):
Tiki Face planter:
2 Tiki Face torches:
12 pack of original tiki torches:
Bamboo Border 2-96” pcs:
Solar/Sonic Mole Repeller:
My mulch/dump cart:
3-n-1 Cosco Dolly:
My sexy boonie/Aussie Gardening Hat:
Book: “Palms Won’t Grow Here & Other Myths”:

Other Tiki, gardening and greenhouse items I use:

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👎🏼 I DO NOT buy, nor recommend plant SEEDS on Amazon, only live plants & cuttings from sellers well rated. I’ve had too many bogus experiences.

👍🏼 I absolutely DO recommend Amazon on live plants that you can’t get locally. Several of our multi-year tropicals have come from good suppliers on Amazon (like (Logee’s, American Plant Exchange, Cold Hardy Farms, Costa Farms, Old Oaks Nursery, Hirts, etc.) and arrived alive and well.

🌴 🍷 Okule Maluna! 🥂 🌴

Time Stamps:
0:00 Amazon Fairies!
0:56 Lauhala Matting & Bamboo for Ceiling
1:40 Outdoor LED Plant Lights
2:31 Drip Irrigation Fertilizer
3:20 Adirondack Chairs
4:15 Bamboo Benches
5:05 End Table
5:16 Patio Tiki Barstools
5:46 Hammock Time!
6:19 Reed & Rope Post Project
8:18 Just Like Christmas!
8:45 Flamingo One

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🎹 Music:
The Secret of Tiki Island by Kevin MacLeod (
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