March Garden Update: Palm Nursery, Plumeria, Greenhouse, Painting the Patio Tiki Bar, & More


How are the Palm Seedlings? Have you ever painted a patio? How’s the Plumeria growing in the greenhouse? Lets find out.
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3 Gal. Washintonia Robusta Palm Tree:
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Slug Magic Slug & Snail killer:
Solar/Ultra Sonic Mole & Gopher Repellent:
Weed-n-Feed Drop Spreader (avoids over-spray into garden):
Tiki Face Urn/Planter:
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Chico the Chimpanzee:
Shop Style LED full spectrum grow lights:
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0:00 G’day mate!
0:13 Weeding Palm Nursery
1:09 Pindo Palm
1:15 Washingtonia Robusta Cut Back
1:56 Tropical Garden Plan
2:03 Patio Paint Project Coming
2:28 Greenhouse Check (Plumeria!)
3:36 ONE WEEK Later…
3:54 Weed & Feeded Lawn/ Potted Palms Weeded
4:42 Patio Cleared
5:17 Remarkable Washingtonia Growth
6:05 Petunias & Begonias
6:39 Prolific Gold Fish Plant
8:30 New Fire Pit

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