Tips for Fixing a Leaking Toilet Bowl — by Home Repair Tutor


Does a leaking toilet bowl make you cringe…it should!!!

Today’s video shares three causes of a leaking toilet base

1. Bad wax ring
2. Broken closet flange
3. Cracked bowl

Wax rings more than 10 years old can fail. This leads to a gap between your bowl and the wax ring.

Choose a wax ring that doesn’t have a plastic horn. The plastic horn narrows the flow of waste and can lead to clogs.

While you’re inspecting the wax ring you should also look closely at the closet flange. If it’s cracked or broken you should replace it.

But which type of closet flange should you choose?

We discuss several options in the video. Including a closet flange that fits inside cast iron pipes.

PLUS: if your closet flange is either below or even with the finished floor you need raise it.

How do you do that without calling a plumber?

Use closet flange extension rings…they go by other names as well.
The ring is adhered to the existing closet flange with 100% silicone and screwed to the finished floor or subfloor.

On top of all the toilet bowl leak tips we also have suggestions for how to prevent toilet water from splashing onto your floor.

I love this product called Liquilock by Oatey, it gels the water in the p-trap of the toilet bowl and prevents it from sloshing on the floor.

Check out the video for all the details