Top Avocado Trees Can Withstand Frost | Do This to Get Fruit


John from visits aNatural Farm in Central Florida to visit Luc to discover the most cold-tolerant avocado varieties that can survive a frost.

In this episode, you will learn about anatural farm, a nursery that specializes in fruit trees, perennial vegetables, and other edible and useful plants that you can grow in Orlando and central Florida.

You will learn about growing avocado trees in more northern climates and how you can be successful growing avocados in climates that get too cold.

You will discover the specific planting tips you will need to do to ensure your success growing avocados.

You will learn about the 9 most cold-tolerant avocado varieties that may be able to survive and produce fruit in your climate.

You will learn when these avocadoes ripen and learn what temperature each avocado variety can handle when the tree is full size.

Finally, John will ask Luc the best cultivars of avocados to grow if you want the most buttery, the coldest tolerant, the one that will produce the most fruit, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
02:08 Why I like A Natural Farm
02:50 Free Classes at A Natural Farm
04:49 Avocado Orchard with Luc
05:40 Can you grow avocados in unexpected areas?
06:45 Avocados can be hardy down to 18 degrees
07:00 Having a Well-Draining Soil
07:25 Create a Windbreak for your trees
08:43 Don’t do this if you have frost damage
09:53 Joey Avocado Hardy to 15-18 degrees
11:04 Lila Tree – Hardy to 15-18 degrees
12:45 Winter Mexican – Hardy to 26 degrees
14:54 Mexicola – Hardy to 26 degrees
16:00 Brogdon – Hardy to 26 degrees
17:20 Topping Your Tree for More Yield
18:15 Wurz aka Littlecado – Hardy to 26 degrees
20:01 Super Haas – Hardy to 26 degrees
20:51 Fantastik – Hardy to 15-18 degrees
22:04 Poncho – Hardy to 15-18 degrees
23:00 Most Buttery Avocados You Can Grow
22:49 What is the most productive avocado?
24:18 What is the most cold-tolerant avocado?
24:49 Best Summer and Winter Ripening Avocado
25:09 Best Avocado if you don’t have good soil?
25:15 Plant your avocado on mount
26:00 How to plant avocados in clay soil?
27:00 Pollination for Avocado Trees – Type A and Type B
28:19 Don’t Damage Your Soil
28:35 How to Avoid Pest When Growing Avocados
29:22 How do you feed avocado trees?
30:40 What are the best A & B type avocados?
32:06 How can you order from A Natural Farm?
32:59 Any tips for growing food?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the most frost-tolerant avocado trees and the essential tips you need to know so you can succeed in growing avocados in your climate.

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