Which Pantry Moth Trap Works Best? Terro vs Raid Traps Overview and Results #Terro #Raid


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For decades, Raid has been the most trusted and well known brand in pest control, providing some of the best insect repellents, natural bug traps and house pest control solutions. That’s why we know you’re going to love this 8-Pack Raid Pantry & Flour Moth Traps–it’s simply one of the best pantry moth pest control solutions you’ll ever try!

Unlike the common flying insect killer, fly trap, or pesticide spray sold in the market, The Raid Pantry & Flour Moth Traps are meticulously designed for your needs and your safety:

✔ In one pack, you’ll get eight (8) sets of Pantry Moth Traps

✔ The Raid® Pantry & Flour Moth Trap helps protect flour, grains, and other food items in your pantry from Indian meal moths, grain moths, weevil moths, and other species

✔ Each pantry moth bait trap can last up to 3 months, but feel free to replace the trap immediately once you see it’s full

✔ With a triangular prism shape, the pantry moth bait traps can steadily stand alone on top of your kitchen cabinets, shelves, or cupboards

✔ These Raid Pantry & Flour Moth Traps contain no Insecticides

✔ This easy-to-use flour and wheat moth traps are completely disposable after use for sanitation purposes

✔ You may use more than 1 pantry moths control traps at a time, but we suggest that you use a maximum of 3 when you have a large home as this might just confuse the food moths on where to go

To use the Raid Pantry & Flour Moth Traps: Simply remove the traps from the box, remove the release paper to expose glue. Assemble into a triangular prism, place Pheromone lure on glue surface and place in your pantry or kitchen.

If you want to effectively protect your food items from being infested by these nuisance insects, go ahead and add to your cart our 8-Pack Raid Pantry & Flour Moth Trap now.

The terro pantry moth traps are an excellent way to attract and kill moths. Terro pantry moth traps will attract and kill grain moths, meal moths and seed moths. These include the indian meal moth, tobacco moth, almond moth, Mediterranean flour moth and the raison moth. 2 glue traps included in each box. This is a 3 pack of boxes.


Which Pantry Moth Trap Works Best? Terro vs Raid Traps Overview and Results #Terro #Raid